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Picking the brain of the artist who created Paraffin, Save Yourself, Haram and most recently I Told Bessie, would’ve sounded like a pipe dream just a year and a half ago...

But now, off the strength of the love and support you the listener have provided me, I was able to sit down with South Jamaica Queen’s E L U C I D for an interview in Ep. 115 of the show.

We dove deep into his one-of-a-kind lyricism, his creative relationship with billy woods, his spirituality, and his latest album of the year contender, I Told Bessie.

Simply put, this was a fantastic conversation with one of the best rappers of all time. 

Are you not entertained??!!

E L U C I D illuminates the conception of his unique style of rap, and the influence of poetry in his music (2:06).

E L U C I D addresses the strange and obtuse perception of his music being “too hard to understand” (9:31).

E L U C I D expands on a poignant line off of “Soft Gold”, describing the various positive and negative emotions associated with his recent rise in popularity (14:14).

E L U C I D illustrates the genesis for the creation of Armand Hammer with billy woods (20:41).

E L U C I D describes the main reason him and billy woods work so well as a duo (22:03).

E L U C I D details the kind of role that he assumes within the Armand Hammer creative process (24:27).

E L U C I D illustrates what he believes he’s learnt working with woods through years, and what woods has learnt from him (26:02).

E L U C I D describes the key element that The Alchemist brought to the Armand Hammer sauce on Haram (29:54).

E L U C I D speaks to what changes in his life have impacted him the most since 2016’s Save Yourself, and this year’s I Told Bessie (33:12).

E L U C I D sheds light on the reasoning for moving away from producing beats for his more recent project (36:01).

E L U C I D speaks to what compelled him to release I Told Bessie at this specific moment (38:25).

E L U C I D dives into his spiritual background, and how this aspect of his life influences his music (42:24).

E L U C I D illustrates how he worked with Willie Green and the other producer collaborators to craft the sound for I Told Bessie, and what kind of sound he was aiming for (50:20).

E L U C I D details his five favourite Backwoodz projects ever (1:00:07) (question supplied by RMPP Patron and host of Freemusicempire, Dan-O… so become a patron if you want the chance to ask artists like E L U C I D a question!!!).

E L U C I D details upcoming projects/events that fans should look out for (1:02:05).

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