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Turning nothing into something, overcoming your surroundings, exhibiting incredible perseverance, have all served as major components to the stories of hip-hop's greats throughout the years.

Today I am joined by someone who absolutely fits that bill. Someone who has succeeded with his integrity and authenticity intact.

That man is Vic Spencer, who’s 2022 has been stellar, dropping great records in Still Here with Doc da Mindbenda, Mudslide with Small Professor, and most recently, Psychological Cheat Sheet 3 with August Fanon.

If you’re interested in feeling inspired or enlightened right now, this conversation with Vic Spencer is for you!

And if you’re not into that sort of thing, that's cool too. I think DJ Akademiks has exactly what you’re looking for!

Vic speaks on how he remains so unapologetically authentic in his music (3:02).

Vic speaks on how he avoids the ‘crab in a bucket’ mentality that many other rap artists fall victim to (8:02).

Vic dives into his challenging childhood, and how he turned his group home experiences into a positive (16:30).

Vic speaks on the elevated sense of purpose in his recent records, and giving back to the youth (25:25).

Vic details why he likes the 1 producer-1 rapper structure for an album (29:05).

Vic provides insight into the unique 8-year long creative process for Still Here with Doc da Mindbenda (34:11).

Vic illustrates why he wanted to showcase more of his lighter side on Mudslide with Small Professor (40:12).

Vic details the deep connection he shares with August Fanon, and the inspiration behind the deeply personal Psychological Cheat Sheet series (43:29).

Vic details the meaning behind some of the most powerful lines on a Psychological Cheat Sheet gem, “Tear Duct Tape” (57:50).

Vis details upcoming projects to look out for (1:16:07).

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