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The Interview (2:10).

Not only are topics like philosophy, spirituality, knowledge of self, difficult things to learn in and of itself... it’s an entirely different challenge to be able to communicate these topics with clarity. Not to mention with grace and humility to boot. Today’s guest, AKAI SOLO, does just that.

Something I told AKAI, and what bares repeating, is that an idea sounds simple when it is presented in his music. He’s that special.

With a fresh, and raw rap style that is reminiscent of Vordul Mega, and that’s not my words… that comes from the Backwoodz Studioz head honcho himself.

On the topic of Backwoodz, this artist joins the growing list of amazing artists dropping their best projects to-date. Since AKAI just released the beautiful Spirit Roaming just a couple of weeks ago, ne of the absolute best projects of the year, period.

This conversation was as insightful as you’d expect it would be with an artist like AKAI. Enjoy!

AKAI’s writing process (4:59). 

How AKAI characterizes his style of rap (16:13).

What AKAI’s music stands for (20:17).

AKAI’s creative connection with Navy Blue on True Sky (28:26).

AKAI’s mentality that he employs when approaching his career (31:49).

AKAI on being mindful of not alienating the audience (37:07).

The key inspiration behind the creation of Spirit Roaming (42:40).

The sound of Spirit Roaming (51:02).

The importance of woods executive producing Spirit Roaming (54:38).

How it feels being part of the Backwoodz Studioz run (1:00:47).

AKAI’s new album coming soon (1:05:36).

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