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My first main takeaway from La Maquina is that, as Griselda transitions further into the commercial space, Conway is better suited to thrive in this space than Benny the Butcher.

The reason is that Conway’s larger-than-life boss king persona fits well with the luxurious more clean sound. It's the reason why people respond differently to a Conway rapping over a beat like Grace, versus Benny... it's just a better fit.

Whereas Benny's appeal relies more on the hunger and that ‘came from the mud’ attitude, which felt much more at home on those grimy Daringer and Alchemist style productions.

So the ceiling for a Benny is still super high just like with Conway, but I think Conway’s floor is higher because he could make an album like La Maquina in his sleep.

That being said, although the results on La Maquina are better than Plugs 2... I just don't see myself coming back to this album all that much.

One way to look at the latest album from Benny and Conway is to say, "look Griselda is going commercial, and that's why these projects are falling flat".

Maybe so, but with Burden of Proof, If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed, and FKTG, those projects worked and worked REALLY well.

What I think a more interesting conversation is, and what I think the real key is, is that the Griselda business model has never been attempted or succeeded ever before. The idea that Conway in particular is maybe running out of musical ideas, may seem weak because he's only 5 years into his career.

But when you realize he has created 30-40+ projects during this span, should we really be surprised? I also don't want to knock him for putting out more good to great projects in 5 years than most rappers put out in 15.

That being said, I do think Griselda fatigue is starting to be a thing... so unless these guys really expand their subject matter, like both Conway and Benny did on Burden, FKTG, and If It Bleeds... their bread and butter style will inevitably become less and less filling as time goes by.

RMPP Preferred Cut: "Blood Roses"

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