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In sharp contrast to the usual religious subject matter you hear in music, Iceberg Theory's perspective on this topic is NOT dogmatic. It's not a simplistic perspective that says "God will save us", or "God is perfect".

Ice either, uses these religious themes as cool motifs and poetic devices for his rhymes, or, is exploring the fundamental foundation of belief, and the complexity and contradictions that arise from this perspective. These thoughts are especially notable in light of the recent release of DONDA by Kanye West.

Having just listened to the DONDA album (2nd listening party version to be clear) prior to recording this review, it allowed me to see Horned Monk with a different lens, and develop a deeper appreciation for how it approaches the topic of religion.

Horned Monk deeply wows me lyrically, with production from August Fanon that never ceases to impress.

RMPP Preferred Cut: "(Untitled)"

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