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What’s wild about my feelings on GUMBO'!... is that it's the kind of album that I don’t typically like.

Yes, surely the individual parts of this are all things I love. I love soul and jazz infused hip-hop, and thoughtful lyricism.

However, more than most people, I really value cohesiveness, a sense of structure… and this album is absolutely all over the place.

But somehow some way, Pink Siifu made it all flow like water.

Whether it be through mixing choices, the transitions, skits, sequencing, Siifu managed to include autotuned melodic trap, vocal jazz, neo-soul, jazz rap and noisy rambunctious bangers all on the same album.

And through it all, Siifu is as wavy and free-form as ever from a rapping-perspective.

On paper, GUMBO'! should be a mess, but Pink Siifu really pulled off the impossible. He successfully fit a square peg in a round hole countless times.

RMPP Preferred Cut: "SMILE (wit yo Gold)"

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