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Boldy James continues on his hot streak with his latest Bo Jackson album, which features production from the legendary Alchemist once again. 

Boldy is in top-form, blending his blunt and cold delivery with evocative imagery in his street tales that give Bo a strong sense of surrealism. 

However, it is the legend in this case, The Alchemist, that doesn't hold up his end of the bargain to the best of his abilities.

Alc left earth on Haram, brought exotic textures and decadence to Fetti, but on Bo Jackson he keeps things to one relatively formulaic lane.

I have no problem with straight to the point, more simplistic production... but these beats are all super clean, and don't have that rugged grit that an album like this could've benefitted from.

I think Boldy improved on all fronts from A Price of Tea in China from a rapping perspective.

However, although I think Alc brought some good production to this album, the sound was too tame for my liking and didn't leave enough of an impression on me.

There just lacked an instrumental bite that makes me wanna go back to this album.

RMPP Preferred Cut: "Fake Flowers"

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