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Beginning of Episode (0:49).

In Episode 73, we had the pleasure to welcome Chicago's own rapper, producer, DJ, TV host, greenSLLIME to the show.

How SLLIME's magnetic personality of sorts developed over the years (3:51).

What inspired greenSLLIME to get into hip-hop when he was younger (7:01).

SLLIME details partnering with SolarFive to open the 406 studio in Chicago, and the thought-process behind taking this bold move (12:26).

SLLIME's unique relationship with Mick Jenkins, and how it helped develop his craft (20:54).

His relationship with Qari, collaborator on the 2019 project Operation Hennessy, and how that album helped "kill the doubt" for greenSLLIME (25:40).

His creative process (32:09).

The importance of Chicago to SLLIME's artistic journey (36:51).

SLLIME on the vision behind his Broke Ass Low Budget Show, as well as some upcoming visual ventures for greenSLLIME (40:53).

How SLLIME navigates some interesting combinations of vibes in both his lyrics, and his production (58:14).

Meaning behind the title of his latest project, and how greenSLLIME entered 'monk mode' to create it (1:13:07).

What the future has in store for greenSLLIME (1:18:22).

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