#74 - Lync Lone INTERVIEW

Video animation by: Big Flowers

Intro/Outro beat by: BLOODBLIXING

Beginning of Episode (0:49).

In Episode 74, we were joined by talented rapper, producer, visual artist, and rolling paper creator, Lync Lone.

Lync first discussed the aspirational aspects of Lync's music, and how being a rapper was his dream since day 1 (2:07).

The key influences that helped Lync develop his style (2:58).

Lync talks about how his distinctly cool and chill rapping style developed over the years (12:13).

Lync details how he maintains such a positive outlook on life, and why he finds it important to promote that perspective in his music (17:18).

Lync explains why his number 1 goal in music is to synthesize his own thoughts and feelings, so that he can better understand them (22:36).

Hear the hilariously natural way Lync and BLOODBLIXING created Decibelz, one of my personal favourite Lync project (25:40).

Lync discusses his Iceberg Theory collaboration in Acid Jazz, and how Guru's Jazzmatazz inspired that project (31:33).

Lync dives into the concept behind his latest and greatest project to-date, Lost & Found: In Paradise! (35:41).

Lync talks about his visual art design work, and the importance of being self-sufficient as an artist in 2021 (49:40).

Lync talks about his new line of rolling papers, GONZO (55:25).

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