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Beginning of Episode (0:49).

In Episode 76, the remarkably honest and talented Teller Bank$ joined the show for a conversation that will surely make it clear why this Iowa artist is worth checking out.

How Teller developed his voice and recognized that this unique delivery could work (2:47). 

Why Teller gravitates towards Ed Glorious' production (18:25).

How Teller crafted the concept and narratives in The Grotesque & Beautiful (25:40).

Teller details the importance of spirituality in his music (32:47).

How Teller has grown as a man in recent years (38:57).

Teller explains how his creative process differs when he handles production duties on one of his albums (45:47).

Teller details how The Part & Parcel differs from the first Ed Glorious produced album, explaining how it is Part 2 of a trilogy (51:11).

Teller explains why he believes his rapping is better than ever on The Part & Parcel (58:17).

Teller's future plans (1:08:03).

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