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UK's Little Simz released the GREY Area back in 2019, which was a very thoughtful album. However, her perspective felt, as the title would suggest, not fully realized and fleshed out… like she was still working things out, and was more combustible as a result.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert on the other hand, sounds like someone who has gone through those mental struggles, and came out the other side.

I basically see this album playing out like a coming of age story for Simz, seeing her embrace her womanhood, understanding who she is, her introversion, and being comfortable with it, and feeling herself a little bit now as a result.

The thoughtful subject matter though is supported by an even more ambitious soundscape provided mainly by Sault producer, Inflo.

This album is the closest to baroque rap we’ve gotten since Kanye West's Late Registration. Except in the presentation of this album, it’s even more grand and ambitious in scope, with different styles being explored incorporating Simz's Nigerian roots.

The production is so beautifully mixed, organic, and big in feel, with a really natural energy that doesn’t sound forced.

It's no surprise that Simz remarks in a recent NME interview, that her chemistry with Inflo is unmatched. The beats and rhymes are in lockstep, seeing Simz and Inflo perfectly working together on SIMBI.

RMPP Preferred Cut: "I See You"

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