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Beginning of Episode (0:49).

It would've been easy for Lukah to rest on his laurels after a very successful When the Black Hand Touches You, and just make another version of that album... but this isn’t When the Black Hand Touches You Part 2, or Chickenwire Part 2 either.

If Black Hand sounded like soul food, Why Look Up literally sounds like the absence of food. On this album, there is nothing but pure hunger.

Unlike the more wide-spanning subject matter on Black Hand, which spoke from a contemplative or reflective perspective that applied generally to Lukah's life, and acted as an educational document for his newborn son… the lyricism on Why Look Up is more laser-focused to specific moments, putting you in the heat of the action of some really dark and trying situations.

It creates this visceral hair-raising feeling that is downright intoxicating.


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